Best Place to Buy Lottery Tickets (Online with Lottosend)

Lottosend has been in operation from 2013 and is established in Slovakia. From this website, players are able to purchase tickets for eight huge global lotteries. It is not necessary for them to visit an official retailer.

Immediately a player purchases tickets online, the agents go to the retailer and buy the actual ticket. Lottosend offers people taking part in lottery with lottery games that are most famous, with hugest jackpots.

So long as individuals from throughout the globe are 18 years old or more, they can take part.

How Lottosend Works

After a player has selected the preferred lottery game then clicks on the related link, a clickable grid is provided by the website, presenting lines and numbers.

Players are able to select between 1,3 or 5 lines. An option for Quick Pick is present also, in case this is what a player prefers. When the player clicks the numbers preferred, instantly they see the quantity that is required to be submitted for that particular game.

Players are able to select numerous games. Their lines, numbers are tickets are included in a shopping cart. Following registration and specifics of payment, the order for ticket is submitted.

Main Features of the Website

It is extremely simple to navigate the menu. Data on different lotteries is accessed on the lottery page selected. There is a brief explanation on how the game is played.

The website highlights six of the hugest lotteries provided by Lottosend, from the total of eight. They indicate a countdown clock, next draw and jackpot size.

It is possible to play the following games on Lottosend:

  • Powerball (US)
  • Mega Millions (US)
  • Super Lotto Plus (California, US)
  • Euro Jackpot (Europe)
  • Euro Millions (Europe)
  • Superena Lotto (Italy)
  • El Gordo (Spain)
  • Euro Miliony (Slovakia)

In case of queries, Lottosend provides a ‘live chat’ function. There is a form on the contact page for the player, for any queries or remarks. In addition, it offers two telephone numbers (one in US and the other UK) as well as an email address. There is an abundance of data on the FAQ page also.

Numerous lotteries found worldwide are offered by Lottosend online lottery website in varied languages like English, Russian, Netherland, Slovak and Spanish Romanian.